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Be on the move

Because of silence and simplicity. Insights into the frugality of nomadic life. Delighted by the fullness of warmth and the relaxed smile of the dromedaries

Walk in the natural rhythm of the sun and The stars. In the beauty of the vastness. Slowly.

Reduced to the essentials




On our page you will find:  

Travel planning and organization according to your individual wishes In the area of ​​Marrakech, Draatal and  Walks in the desert of Morocco, as well as special group trips to music festivals in the Sahara Blog with background information and photos nomadic life, dromedaries, Sahara music, mindful journeys, etc


Claudia Uhl

Born in Vienna, with a deep interest in people and their lives. Many years of intensive preoccupation with Oriental and Turkish culture, especially in the areas of music, dance and healing methods. This fascination has led her to impressive trips to Turkey and Morocco for over 10 years, mostly travelling alone, always close to nature and people, attracted by exceptional music and spiritual events. After a careful approach to the Sahara of Morocco, the need for pristine nature and silence led her to the appropriate guide for an easy hike on foot in Omar. Those experiences in the desert and the fascination about the  nomadic ways of life gave rise to this project

"Nomadic Paths".



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